Demo Induction Heating

The Heating proces includes:
1. open heater
2. position bearing
3. put temperature sensor on bearing
4. adjust heating temperature
5. start heating proces
6. warmup bearing in progress
7. remove temperature sensor
8. mounting bearing
9. ready!
  Advantage of induction heating:
* Fast and controllable heating process
* Safe heating process:
  - Only workpiece is heated
  - No messing around with dangerous hot oil
  - No risk of (local) over heating
* Suitable for ee or ZZ bearings
   (no risk of grease leakage)
* Can be used with bearings with polyamide cages
* No deforming of the bore of the workpiece
Advantage of TM induction heaters:
* Three years warranty
* Maintenance free
* Fast service
* User friendly design
* Modern design
* Constructed to the latest CE regulations
* High output
* Microprocessor controlled heating process
* Less than 2A/cm rest magnetism
* Largest range of standard induction heaters
Ergonomic pivoting yoke:
The pivoting yoke has the great advantage that only the workpiece is to be handled because the arm has not to be lifted manually. This avoids unnecessary handling and reduces the risk of dirt intruding on the bearing or workpiece.

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