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Bearing Fitting Toolkit
Bearing Fitting Tool kit
- Mount 10 mm to 55 mm bore diameter bearings and other components
- Even distribution of mounting force
- Super tough, UHMW Polyethlene material
- 3 sleeves and 36 impact rings
- Light portable case Incuded
Bearing Spiral Heater 
- Heat and mount bearing with bore dia ranging from 55 mm to 150 mm
- Shrink fit bearings, for uniform and controlled heating
- Digital temperature controller
- Audio and visual alarms at end of heating cycle
- Portable (around 15 kg), thus can be carried to the machine itself
- Maximum job weight: 20 kg.
'TM' Induction Heater 
- Heat bearings, gears, pulleys and couplings
- Safe, easily controllable heating process
- TURBO BOOST technology: Achieve twice the speed of heating
- Maintains uniform temperature upto 240 oC / 400 oC
- Maintenance free!
- Models available for workpiece size upto 2 m diameter
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